The Branding Expert

How to brand out, stand out and cash in!

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The Branding Expert

How to brand out, stand out,
and cash in!

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Redfire Branding, Liz Goodgold, Branding Speaker

Brand & Biz Coach


COACHING: How to brand out, stand out and cash in on your expertise!

We live in a loud and media-centric world; you must make enough noise to boost your visibility and profitability. Liz works with you to establish your brand DNA, determine your key point of difference, create compelling marketing messages, and determine how to sell the brand called YOU!
 If you are a subject-matter expert who’s not making what you’re worth, now is the time to Coach with Liz 


Liz Goodgold Branding Speaker



SPEAKING: Fiery speaker who gets audiences learning and laughing.

When you need a speaker to get your audience or employees branding better or speaking “gooder,” Liz is the perfect fit. With a branding background at Quaker Oats, she dissects the branding process and translates it into easy-to-understand action steps. She employs role play and interactive exercises to ensure her message remains long after she has left the building. Book Liz 


Brand Naming/Consulting


BRAND NAMING & CONSULTING: The expert who thinks like your customers.

Trying to fix a branding problem from the inside is tough; after all,  fish don’t see water and we often don’t see the issues right in front of us. With a quick eye and the uncanny ability to quickly translate solutions into action steps, Liz is a red-hot brand consultant. With a strong background in linguistics, this “word girl” and her team create brand names that resonate with your target. Talk to Liz


Personal Branding and Business Headshots by TRUE BLUE Portrait

Speech Coaching


SPEECH COACHING: Give a killer-good talk or become a professional speaker. 

Thanks to technology, we speak less, but it counts more. Every time you open your mouth is an opportunity to earn respect, credibility, and even the business. BUT, if you, like thousands of others, fear giving a presentation or are worried that you won’t knock it outta the park, then you need to Speak to Liz.


Hi, I’m Liz Goodgold, and I’m officially a brand builder, “motivational speecher” and trainer, word girl and business coach who typically gets my clients to boost their income by a whopping 40%!

BUT, I get it that branding isn’t easy.  It’s as if asking me to draw a picture or design a logo.  I can’t!  (BTW, I call that stuff “arts and crap”.)

Using my blue-chip background at Quaker Oats, Times Mirror, Arco Oil, and Macmillan Publishing, I create compelling strategies, repositioning ideas, and new product launches to make money faster.

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How to brand out, stand out,
and cash in!

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