If you like my coaching, products, webinars and seminars, please make sure to sign up as an affiliate. It’s easy and puts money right into your pocket! That’s right; I’m so honored to have valued clients and colleagues who refer me business, that I reward you for doing so. 

Of course, there is no charge to participate and you don’t even need a website! Just complete the simple form on the right and you will automatically receive dollars every month directly from me into your PayPal account.

How the Program Works:

  1. You simply sign us as an affiliate on the form on the right.
  2. You will receive a unique affiliate link via email from me.
  3. You post that link in an email referring me, on your website, via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other place where you want to refer someone to purchase one of my digital or coaching products.
  4. Every time someone you refer purchases a product, you get paid!
  5. Commission is 20% on ALL products: books, e-books, seminars, webinars or digital downloads – unless otherwise specified.
  6. Commission is 20% of the first month’s coaching program fee. Example, if the coaching is $495 per month, you will receive $99.00 for that sale for that month only.

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