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Coaching with me is the proven, hands-on path to building a brand that brings in the business. From our very first session, you are armed with “head whip” ideas to transform your business model into one that delivers a never-ending revenue stream.  We work together to: 

  1. Create compelling brand names in order to earn “flawless recall”
  2. Determine a competitive point of difference
  3. Establish a pricing structure and revenue models that forever eliminate billing per hour
  4. Craft a “7-second Hook” so that prospects easily understand and engage with you
  5. Develop marketing materials that convert browsers into buyers

Are you outside of the Orange County or San Diego area? 

Don’t worry – all branding coaching programs can be completed via phone or Skype.  My clients are located around the globe, including upstate NY, Australia, Colombia, and even Beijing.


Her branding brilliance has saved me at least $10,000

Working with Liz has helped me finally nail my brand conversation.

I can now confidently say what I do and be clear about who I'm talking to, my preferred client, without apology or confusion.  I had been struggling to figure this out for 18 and Liz guided me to it with a few conversations and very specific assignments.
Her branding brilliance  has saved me at least $10,000, because I no longer need to invest in another year long program.  I can't even fathom what's it's cost me in clients and opportunity to not have a clear vision or articulation of who I am and what I do best in this world.
But what really excites me is I am FREE TO MOVE FORWARD.
Deborah Battersby
Crystal Fire Coaching

Biz & Brand Coaching Programs

You were the Highlight of the boot camp

No Liz thank you for me you were the Highlight of the boot camp. I meant every word I said to you.  I did not tell you  I have a marketing degree and I love the fact that you know your service well and you know how to communicate it and you are genuine and that come though to your audience. I look forward to digging into my new bag of goodies and getting your new book and I wish you all of what you want to accomplish in this world.

Helene Lefebvre


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