Why You Need a “Mom Reviewer

Liz and Carol Louise

How to Create Reality Tests in Your Marketing It’s a little frightening to talk about my mom so soon after her passing, but I’m sharing this blog with you because she played such a pivotal role: My “Mom Reviewer.” This is a term I created for having […]

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3 Ways to Blog Faster


I’ve played a game with my tribe of loyal coaching clients whereby we hit a timer and then boom! After 15 minutes we stop and your blog should be done. Really! 15 minutes for a blog from “no clue to what you’re writing about” to finished blog? […]

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How to Write a Recommendation


Given the dog days of August, I’m re-issuing one of my top read and circulated blogs from 2012.  Trust you enjoy and please feel free to share it too! With the new one-click recommendation recently introduced by LinkedIn (hot link to my LinkedIn profile), I’ve been giving […]

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Why Fish Don’t See Water

words of lizdom

At some point, all of us have to write about ourselves. Ugh! We need a bio, a LinkedIn profile, or a one-sheet. I get it; talking about yourself is hard: you have to walk the fine line between branding and bragging. 3 Reasons Why It’s Hard to […]

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