Are you Selling Up or Selling Out?

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Are you Selling Up or Selling Out? I understand about the benefits of sponsorship, but there is a difference between sponsorship selling and selling out. Let me be clear: I’m tired of hearing about Ryan Lochte! We know he was wrong; we know he lied and now […]

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Pricing + Profit = Happiness

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6 Reasons Why Not-For-Profit Pricing Lowers YOUR Profit “Do you have a special rate for not-for-profits?” This is the question that boils my red-hot blood! I know that we all have a good heart; I know that we all want to do the right thing; but, sometimes […]

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Are you flirting with your prospects?

Flirting with your prospects?

5 Questions To Determine If You’re Flirting Or Stalking I remember working with a realtor at one of my networking talks and he told me that his fave opening line was: “Hi! I’m Dan; wanna buy a house?” It struck me as outrageous – too fast and […]

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