Personal Branding 101

The Holy Grail of Personal Branding 101 is “Flawless Recall.”

You need people to remember you in order to do business with you, recruit and promote you! Applying sizzling strategies to the brand called “YOU” means more referrals, credibility, career advancements and sales.

Branding expert Liz Goodgold works with entrepreneurs and employees to harness the power of personal branding. She offers coaching, products, and done for you services to get you ahead.

Coaching Programs

Personal Branding 101 for Employees

Personal Branding 101 For Employees

A coaching program that gets you rewarded and recruited! 6 and 12 month programs

Personal Branding 101 for Entrepreneurs

Personal Branding 101 For Entrepreneurs

How to Brand Out, Stand Out, and Cash In on your business! 6 and 12 month programs

Sizzling Strategy Session

VIP Sizzling Brand Strategy Session

 ½ day of coaching, guidance, strategic input and recommendations.

red hot ad hoc coaching

Hourly Coaching Program With Liz

Red Hot Ad Hoc Session available as needed to boost your personal brand.

Liz will help you zero in on your message and help you great an image that will explode your business. Thank you Liz, You have been of great help to me and have helped me create clarity in my branding, thank you for all your help and teachings. Your guidance and support truly made a difference.

La'Vonne Shields
La'Vonne Shields
Management Consultants of America

Branding Resources

Red Fire Branding | Liz Goodgold

RedFire Branding Book

Learn how to make your personal brand sizzle and your name unforgettable.

Redfire Personal Branding MP3

Redfire Personal Branding Audio

Learn Liz’s personal branding secrets that will boost your brand and your business.

7 Second Hook

7-second Hook Created Just For You

Work with Liz to create a  7-second hook that fits you and your business.

7 Second Hook Revealed

7-second Hook Revealed Audio

Learn how to create a Headwhip intro that gets you referred and rewarded with new business.

One of the small biz owner's biggest assets is her personal brand. It sets you apart from everyone else -- effortlessly. Liz's new book is a super step-by-step guide on how to make your brand buzz-worthy!"

Ali Brown

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