Top 10 Reasons to Book Liz as Your Branding Speaker

The branding word is everywhere. Graphic design firms have morphed into branding agencies, p/r agencies are now branding firms. The company that creates your web site is now too a branding expert. There is even a promotional postcard that proclaims “Building Brands. Saving Lives.” Could we possibly be overstating the fact?

If your market share is down, if sales are slipping, and your sales representatives are struggling, you can seize the moment to shift this changing tide. Bring in Branding Expert Liz Goodgold to help you navigate the troubled seas of positioning, imaging, and creating mindshare that translates into market share.

Here are Your Top 10 Reasons Why:

1. Real World Experience – Many speakers can talk a good game about branding, but ask these critical questions:

  • What brands have you launched?
  • Which brands have you extended?
  • How have you delivered upon a company’s brand promise?
  • How many brand consulting projects assignments do you work on each year?
  • Would I recognize any of your client’s brand names?

The secret to success in branding is actually doing it – reading and speaking about it don’t qualify. If your candidate speaker hasn’t actively tried to launch a brand within the last two years, the experience becomes less and less relevant. After all, the market today is moving in nano-second speed; what worked yesterday will not work today or tomorrow.

2. An Original, On-Target Branding Perspective –Today, most products and services have become a “sea of similarity.” Branding is what transforms the ubiquitous into the coveted, the familiar to the specialized and the mundane to the magical. It takes a solid strategic underpinning to fully grasp this intangible and then translate it into coherent marketing messages.

3. Top Tier, Big Name Expertise – In other words, Liz has worked with and for Fortune 500, top-tier companies with big marketing goals and even bigger budgets. To truly understand the intricacies of branding, you must tackle the challenge of weaving an integrated message through mass media advertising, specialized channels, direct mail campaigns, in-person sampling, public relations, employee seminars, product demonstrations, and the ever-changing new technology. Working only with small business initially, prohibits the breeding of large-scale ideas.

Liz’s client list is loaded with brand-name, recognizable companies from the largest Spanish television company in the world (Univision) to consumer giants (, MusicMatch), to household names (Quaker Oats and Arco Oil). Further, every single year she works with select clients to ensure that she faces the exact same struggles that every marketer today is confronting: a cluttered and fractured media environment.

4. Ability To Translate Big Ideas for Small Business – Liz has perfected the art of R&D: Rip-off and Duplicate. This branding expert take successful ideas from large companies and translates them for small business. In running her own business, she understands the daily juggle of managing accounts receivable to web site revisions to employee handbooks.

Since small businesses are the fastest growing segment of our economy, it is essential to translate core concepts into bite-size pieces appropriate for entrepreneurs. A speaker without small business tactics and strategies is inaccessible to most.

5. Relevant, Truthful Stories – Too many speakers today steal other speaker stories, but Liz’s examples about trying to sell scones to Starbuck’s CEO, being called “non-vanilla” and “nutritionally obsessed” by Quaker’s CEO, or taking Bob Dole to lunch at the tender age of 18 are authentic and relevant.

Each and every one of this speaker’s stories highlight a marketing insight from how our sense of smell influences purchase decision to avoiding “vanilla” at all costs to finding a leader who believed in her life passions. After all, stories bring life and recall to key learning lessons.

6. Widely Quoted Expert – Liz’s insights on branding have been highlighted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and hundreds of other prestigious publications and radio stations. (Feel free to review media list). Of course, she also speak to thousands of marketing executives each year, critiques Super Bowl ads on air, writes the monthly DUH! Marketing Awards, authored the book, DUH! Marketing: 99 Monstrous Missteps you can Use to Learn, Laugh, and Grow Your Business, and keeps her pulse on the business community.

7. Unique Case Studies and Examples – Too often, the same old examples are pulled out over and over again to make a point that is irrelevant today: Volvo = safety, Starbucks = the experience, and Nike = performance. Ugh!

  • What about assessing Google’s brand extension through advertising or its purchase of YouTube?
  • How about an analysis of Krispy Kreme Donuts noting its stunning fall from being called a “cult brand” to a struggling company with franchise issues, management issues, and a distribution channel that includes gas stations!
  • Or a look at why Gap can’t seem to connect? What happens when your stable of khaki pants and white T-shirts has been duplicated everywhere and the brand is left without an image?

This thinker takes recognizable companies, but offers unique analysis as to what’s working and what isn’t. These insights are useful so that the concepts can be applied to the audience’s real-world challenges.

8. High Content/Highly Entertaining – It’s been said that an audience can’t take notes fast enough to keep up with the myriad ideas generated during Liz’s talks. Yet, they enjoy and relish the experience as it is seamlessly woven into a coherent and entertaining discussion.

9. Customized With Examples Directly From Your Audience! – Mouths have dropped open as Liz recites a company’s strategy, approach, or tagline with an employee sitting right there in the room. Using the attendee list and a great deal of homework, she shares with the group great ideas from their colleagues to build camaraderie and rapport.

10. Results-Driven –The measure of a successful speech is not whether or not the speaker receives a standing ovation. Rather, it is the long-lasting changes that result from the talk. Let Liz take you on a journey that comes packaged with action steps to take your idea for a brand into a living legacy.

She has been a great asset to my business

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"Liz is a true gem! She knows the entreneurship business inside and out. She has been a great asset to my business. I was stuck on a structural part of my business, and after consulting with her, I was not only unstuck, but landed a new client! Thanks, Liz!"

Holly Kolman


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