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I work with entrepreneurs and executives to brand better, speaker gooder, and write “righter” to boost their business and careers

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- Liz Goodgold

(And wait,
there's more!)

Are you agonizing over writing your bio or web copy because you can’t sell the brand called YOU?

Do you dream of being able to explain you and your business in 7 seconds or less?


Would you rather put forks in your eyes than give a presentation?

Do you need more clients, but don’t know what to do first?

If so, welcome aboard!

I’m Liz Goodgold and I work with clients just like you. Through speaking, coaching, and consulting, I transform your business

Move from the fear of public speaking to delivering jaw-dropping presentations.

Go from a confused business owner to a laser-focused entrepreneur on a mission.

Jump from drowning in debt
to exponential profitability by attracting profitable clients.

Fire up your audience with what sizzles and fizzles in branding and communication.

My Services

Sharing what sizzles and fizzles in Personal Branding
& Communication

Turning Ho-Hum Presenters into Gung-Ho Speakers

Crafting Names that Earn Flawless Recall

Get Clear, Get Noticed,
& Get the Business!

Creating Witty Words of Lizdom that Turn Browsers into Buyers

Get Started Now!

Brand out, Stand out, Speak up, & Cash in!

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