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Liz Goodgold

A Branding Expert with Street Cred

Brand out, Stand Out, Speak Up, & Cash In!

Liz Goodgold is a speaker, coach, and consultant who has worked with over 14,000 employees and entrepreneurs to brand better and speak “gooder.”  

A former brand manager of a $650 million business at Quaker Oats, Liz marries strategic thinking with creative execution to produce exponential results. She boasts a red-hot client list including ProFlowers, Warner Bros, Meals on Wheels, Abbott Labs, and Pfizer. One of her greatest gifts is translating big-time marketing tactics into repeatable ideas for small business owners.

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This fiery redhead is the author of three books:  How to Speak Gooder, Red Fire Branding, and DUH! Marketing. She is also the former branding columnist for Entrepreneur magazine and has appeared in The New York Times The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, and over 220 media outlets.  Quick with a quip, Liz dishes the dirt on celebrity branding on 2 television shows, was a finalist judge for Simon Cowell, and is a frequent guest on TV. 

3-Time Book Author 
& Media Darling








Bitten by the Entrepreneur Bug Early in Her Years

Liz was raised by a single mom in East Los Angeles where she fell in love with the Latino language and lifestyle. She also figured out how to make extra dinero as a 7th grader by selling her sister’s mice to the science department’s snake den sealing her fate as an over-ambitious entrepreneur. 


By the time she was 18, she was working full-time on Capitol Hill as a lowly lobbying assistant while attending college full-time at the University of Maryland. Her tenure there schooled her in the politics of deal-making, fact-finding, and meet-marketing. 


Sharing her Witty Words of LIZdom with Audiences & Clients 

A certified “word girl,” Liz’s flair for language adds creativity to naming, copywriting, and speech coaching. She weaves in her linguistic learning to amp up speeches with vocal variety, pause, pace, repetition, and mnemonic devices. 

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Today, Liz embraces entrepreneurship... and her clients. She’s also in an exclusive relationship with coffee. 😊 

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