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Biz, Book, & Brand Coaching

Intense Coaching to Reach Your Business & Book Goals

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book coachin

Book Coaching

She works with clients to create:

Book Coach



Motivational "Speecher"

Book Branding Expert

A "Word Girl" with a Flair for Language that Sells Books!

Book titles & subtitles
Back-of-book blurbs
Book proposals

Liz Goodgold

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Book Marketer


Book Title Creator

Back of Book Blurb Writer

Audio Book Coach

Brand out, stand out, and cash
in on your business.

Dishing an Insider's Perspective

as a Former Book Editor

As the former business book editor for Times Mirror books and sales rep for Macmillan Publishing, Liz knows how to deliver books that build brand visibility, credibility, and profitability.


My clients typically boost their income by at least 40% after working with me!

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3-Time Author Shares Her Lessons from the Trenches

With 3 books to her credit, Liz understands the pain of solitary confinement when it comes to writing. Most importantly, she brings her branding expertise to the book world to ensure messages are on time…and on target.

Book a call about your book!
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Thanks so much for your expertise, insights, and way with words!!!
~ Sarita Maybin
B+ diet.png
The “Best” decision I ever made was to hire Liz! In my book, she’s a rock star! I could not have done this without her!!!!!
~ Judi, The B+ Diet
Personal Branding 101: Catapult Your Career

If management isn’t seeing your potential, then this is the coaching program for you. Designed to create a personal brand that catapults you into higher visibility and responsibility, it puts you on the fast track to career success.
(Psst: did I mention a promotion and a raise too?)

Over the course of 6 months, you get clear direction on how to broadcast your brand to clients and colleagues. From email communication to your visual brand to speaking, we analyze how to adopt the right tone to meet your goals. 

Ready to brand out, stand out, and cash in on your brand?
Business Coaching

Brand & Biz Coaching: Skyrocketing Results for Your Biz

If you’ve been trying to build your own brand strategy without results, relax. It’s as if fish don’t see water. You need an outsider’s perspective to dissect and analyze what’s working…and what’s not. 


In this intense coaching program replete with Zoom, email communication, phone calls, and homework, you accomplish key tasks to moving your business closer towards its goals. Some of my clients have lifted their revenue by a whopping 40% in just 6 months! 

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