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10 Killer-Good Facts to Know About Branding & Marketing

10 Killer-Good Facts to Know About Branding & Marketing

Marketing and branding are your secret weapons for sales, loyalty, and new customers. Let’s see how much you know! All answers are over at my blog.

1. What percentage of all email world-wide is counted as spam? a.  66% b.  78% c.  81% d.  93%

2. How many blogs are there on-line? a.  254 million b.  2 million c.  164 million d.  624 million

3. How many top-level domains are registered every day? a.  1.2 million b.  12 million c.  750,000 d.  950,000

4. Which word typically sends your email to the spam bucket? a.  Sale b.  Free c.  Guaranteed d.  Report

5. What year was BMW’s slogan of “the Ultimate Drive Machine” Introduced? a.  1945 b.  1955 c.  1965 d.  1975

6. What percentage of salespeople give up after one follow up? a.  66% b.  44% c.  21% d.  31%

7. What day is the best day for getting your e-mail open? a.  Tuesday b.  Wednesday c.  Thursday d.  Friday

8. What percentage of voice mails are never returned? a.  60% b.  70% c.  80% d.  90%

9. What percentage of salespeople ask for referrals? a.  22% b.  11% c.  4% d.  35%

10. Which color is the least favorite color in the world? a.  Pink b.  Yellow c.  Brown d.  Green

What killer statistic can you share? Let me know in comments below.

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