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3 Ways to Blog Faster

I’ve played a game with my tribe of loyal coaching clients whereby we hit a timer and then boom! After 15 minutes we stop and your blog should be done. Really!

15 minutes for a blog from “no clue to what you’re writing about” to finished blog? You betcha! Faster is better because:

  1. Overthinking weighs you down – Let’s be clear: it’s a blog; it is not a thesis, And, with this medium, done is better than perfect.  Of course, you can always go back and edit after it’s posted. Done is better than perfect! Click To Tweet

  2. Timing is of the Essence– Sometimes seizing upon a topic is paramount. I remember when Steve Jobs died. I was giving a speech in Idaho and yet I still pounded out my blog on why Steve Jobs was a brand because the news was now!

3 Ways to Write Faster Today

  1. Create a Template – I don’t necessarily mean a design template, but an organizational one. If you’re a loyal reader of this blog, then you know that most of blogs are quick bites of information:  4 Secrets, 5 Fast Idea, etc. It’s this formula that gets me moving quicker. It’s a #blog, not a thesis; write faster! Click To Tweet

  2. Bullet First – To prevent the over-thinking and rewriting of your material, try vomiting out your material in bullet format – no paragraphs, no complete sentences – just concepts. To #blog faster, bullet first & then write Click To Tweet

  3. Practice Timed Writing – If you know that you have unlimited time, you’ll take as much time as you let it. BUT, if you write knowing you only have 15 minutes, you’ll soon start hurrying to get it done in time.

Let me know below.

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