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4 Fab Ways to Write Wiki Fast

4 Fab Ways to Write Wiki Fast

In our turbo-charged world, news flies fast. If you’re trying to capitalize on the moment, you must step up your pace or get left behind.

When Steve Jobs passed away, for example, I immediately thought of a blog about how he was a brand. The only problem was that I was in Idaho giving a speech. The solution? Slip away for 15 minutes and pound it out. I did!To capitalize on the news, you must #write wiki fast Click To Tweet

If you want to write faster, here’s my top tips:

  1. Set a Timer – If you know you only have 15 minutes to write, you’ll surprise yourself by how much you get done.

  2. Employ my “Vomitorium Method” – Essentially, I want you to pour out the facts without a nod to good grammar; it’s often easier to revise than write.With #writing, it’s often easier to revise than write. Click To Tweet

  3. Make it a Habit – If you’re writing a book, for instance, keep a solid schedule of writing every day from 9 am – 12 pm.

  4. Stop Writing in the Middle of a Sentence – If you can’t finish a thought or a section before calling it a day, stop right there; don’t finish the thought! Then, when you pick it up, you complete the concept without writer’s block. Voila!In terms of #writing, sometimes done is better than perfect Click To Tweet

Yes, I employed all of these techniques in getting out my last book, How to Speak Gooder. In fact, I went to Ojai for 3 days and finished an entire first draft!

What’s your secret? Please share.


PS: Yes, I wrote this blog in 12 ½ minutes!

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