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4 Marketing Lessons from Crate & Barrel

As a former Windy City resident, I remain enthralled with Crate and Barrel. Every visit makes my heart beat just a little bit faster with the thrill of what unexpected delight I might uncover at the next aisle. I just received my new catalog and here are a few items you can use for your own R&D (rip off and duplicate):

  1. Enlist Strategic Partners – Of course you expect great merchandise, but bet you didn’t expect a special offer from Aligning with this on-line merchant makes sense in the wineglass spread of the catalog, but also defrays costs and adds a benefit to readers. What partner can you team up with for a joint effort?

  2. Tie Your Marketing Into the Season – If it’s January, you know it’s both weight loss and Hollywood award season. The concept makes sense. However, I have an issue with the headline (really!) of “Winner&Is.” Why isn’t it: “…and the winner is?” Further, the headline uses an ampersand whereby the landing page uses an “and.” My advice? Promote a seasonal event, but use a logical and consistent headline and landing page address.

  3. Bonus your Readers – What a treat to linger over the catalog and discover a special bonus to download free invitations and a free playlist on iTunes. What can you offer? Stay tuned for my new flash cards coming next week.

  4. Use Emotion – These pages are mini snapshots of a life: dinner with a lover, a night with grandpa, a girls’ get-together. We buy with our heartstrings and they then tug at our purse strings. Facts don’t sell, emotions do.

Have other ideas? Please share with me in the comments below.

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