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4 Reasons Why Forgiving and Forgetting is Sometimes the Right Move

Princess Elsa has struck a resonant chord with the hit song “Let It Go” in Disney’s Frozen. Lately, I’ve heard myself echoing that phrase with both clients and family. Why? Because sometimes it’s better to move on than to hold on to anger, fear, or regret.

4 Ways to Deal With Frustration

  1. Develop Short Term Amnesia – Throughout many traumatic ordeals in my life, I’ve had no choice, but to simply choose to forget. I discovered that if I let them percolate, I would never get up in the morning. There’s a time and place for true reflection. Other times, take a deep breath and forget about it.

  2. Pick Your Battles – Is it really worth having a “meaty” conversation with your boss about a one-time event that’s over?  Do you really want to argue with your kid about what he’s going to wear today? In short, pick important times and topics for things that matter.

  3. Ask Yourself: Is there a lesson here? – Before you move on, determine if there’s a lesson to be learned. I was speaking to a client who was frustrated at his client’s reaction to his new website. Perhaps the real issue is that expectations were managed from the get-go.

  4. Remember that Some Things Are Outside of Your Control – It’s a no-win proposition playing the “why me?” game when there are circumstances outside of your control. As I’ve said, let it go!

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