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4 Rules to Creating a Great Brand Name

Ooops! Organix and its investment bankers have hit a snag in trying to sell the company. Why? The name Organix is not organic!

In California, at least 70% of the ingredients must be organic and this brand’s hair products aren’t. Originally valued at about $1 billion, Organix is now weighted down with this naming debacle bringing estimates to a mere $800 million.

What’s the lesson here? Understand solid naming principles so that you avoid these types of problems. After all, a good brand name boosts recall, sales, perception, and even re-sale value.

4 Rules to Creating a Great Brand Name:

  1. Marry the selling proposition with the name

  2. Ensure that it is easy to say…or even fun to say!

  3. Create positive names and associations

  4. Avoid negative connotations or political innuendo

Want to master how to create your own brand name? Join me on Thursday, June 27 at 10:30 am PST (but, don’t worry, the call is recorded in case you can’t be there live) for a “meaty” 90 minute webinar. For just $97, I share:

  1. How a brand name increases perception, value, sales, and even resale value!

  2. Why you should brand and “own” that position in your prospects’ and clients’ minds

  3. The 7 deadly sins of naming…to make sure you avoid them!

  4. The warning signs that it’s time to change your brand name so you can reap the benefits of a good name ASAP!

  5. Secrets to creating brand names that pass both trademark hurdles and domain issues

  6. How to avoid committing “genericide” in order to protect your intellectual property

  7. Innovative techniques to creating your own brand name so that you can name it yourself

Only $97

All webinars are recorded so that you can listen at YOUR convenience. Register today and the entire presentation, PowerPoint, audio, and transcript are automatically sent to you to add to your learning library.

Do you have a favorite brand name? Please share and join the conversation in the comments below.

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