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4 Secrets to Rev Up Your Networking Engine

The 2 questions I always hear from clients are:

  1. Which networking groups are right for me?

  2. How do I maximize my time and boost my business results?

Please allow me to share my Words of Lizdom:

1. Find the Right Groups – You always must be fishing in the right pond to reel in big fish. Ask yourself:

  1.  Is this group your target market?

  2. Are the members good influencers?

  3. Do attendees have a need for your services?

  4. Can they afford your services?

  5. Do they travel in the right circles?

  6. Do they have the same mindset as you?

Let me be clear – if you are business-focused and yet are networking with “heart-centered” and spiritual entrepreneurs, you’re not going to be happy. Instead, find groups that dovetail with both your purpose and passion.

  1. Remember the “F” Word – Follow up is critical to your success at events. If you promised me something, please send it; if you have a worthy article, email it. Find a way to stay connected even digitally. BUT, please don’t assume we have a relationship after one brief meeting. 

  2. You Can’t Hit a  Grand Slam When The Bases Aren’t Loaded – With baseball season in full swing, please remember that sometimes a base hit is a good start to rev up the momentum to score. In other words: You can’t ask for the order on the first meeting! Instead, nourish and nurture your contacts to turn them into acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and then clients.

  3. Don’t Forget to Linger! – If you’re the busy entrepreneur running from the morning breakfast event to your 10 am meeting, you’ve missed the opportunity to engage. If you change only one rule about your networking it’s this: NEVER SCHEDULE A MEETING RIGHT AFTER A NETWORKING EVENT!

Want to learn even more? I’m sharing tons of great advice at my events this summer. Hope you’ll join me on Tuesday, August 19 and Wednesday September 17 for events for the San Diego Association of Realtors and don’t forget to put Thursday, October 30 on your calendar for my next Mastermind.

Share your networking secrets in the comments below.

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