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4 Ways to Make Your Own Luck in Business

By Elizabeth O’Goodgold

Although St. Paddy’s Day is near and I look like I can pass for an Irish lass, I won’t say my success is based upon luck; it is based upon hard work. In fact, here are my 4 recommendations on how to make your own luck in business.

  1. Identify & Project Your Brand DNA – Determine what is unique about you and project it to the world throughout every single touchpoint. This step is a critical component and often overlooked, but it will pay dividends for life. Jenn Harris of High Heel Golfer, for example, is not a golf instructor, but a master of how to play golf to boost your business success. In essence: how to make more green on the green.

  2. Stay The Course – Most entrepreneurs bail too early on their niche. They want more business so that they widen their scope and then fade into the sea of similarity. Esther Weinberg of MindLight Group is focused on leadership issues exclusively within media companies.

  3. Make Strategic Moves of Opportunity – Your next client is not going to simply appear at your desk. You must be building top of mind awareness. Do you have 4 coffees scheduled this month? Are you attending 2 association meetings? Have you reconnected with 3 past clients today? If not, make a move!

  4. Create Buzz – Stop waiting to get noticed and give ‘em something to talk about! Write a blog, contribute to a publication, give a talk, go on radio, or toot your own horn. No one has more of a vested interest in you than you. Remember: Success breeds success.

How do you make your own luck?  Please share in the comments below.

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