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5 Quick Questions to Determine If You Are a Brand

With the plethora of reality TV shows, singing and dancing competitions, and celebrity chefs cooking up a storm, it’s time to ask yourself: Can you morph into a brand? Can you take your expertise and become a star in your field? You can if you have:

  1.   The Street Cred – It’s not enough to just have a winning personality, you must have deep depth in your field, knowledge of key trends, and be on a path of continual improvement with coaching, practicing, and training to greater heights of success. Wanting to be famous without any core competency, places you in the category of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

  2.   The Je Ne Sais Quoi – Simon Cowell might call it the “X Factor” bit we are both talking about the unique brand DNA that makes you interesting, exciting, and unforgettable. Carrie Underwood, and Josh Krajcik definitely have it.

  3.   A Signature Phrase – If you cook with “EVOO”, exclaim “Bam” after adding an ingredient or conclude your show with “that’s a good thing” or “semi-homemade”, you’re on your way to a proprietary brand vocabulary.

  4.   A One Name Brand – Is your moniker so unique just like Seal, Bono, Beyoncé or even Adele that you need no last name?

  5.   A Strong Visual Brand– Consistency builds brand recognition; I want to know what you look like today and what you will look like tomorrow. Bruno Mars, for example, isn’t putting away his fedora any time soon.

How do you brand? I welcome your comments.

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