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5 Steps to Succeeding Even After Coming in Second

I recently interviewed 4 web developers for a new website project. I picked one based upon proximity, attention to detail, expertise, and of course, budget. The irony is that one of the 3 firms that actually “lost” the project, ended up winning by working with me on a few other projects. In fact, the vendor probably earned more dollars with the new projects than the original project itself.


4 Ways to Evolve into A Winner

  1. Don’t Act as a Sore Loser – Even if you didn’t get rewarded with the business, don’t write any emails or communicate other than your disappointment. A positive attitude goes a long way.

  2. Keep the Relationship Alive – Instead of sending worthless “checking in” emails which I received from another bidder, send relevant emails, schedule 5-minute status of the biz calls, forward pertinent articles.

  3. Remain Top of Mind – Follow me on social media, attend mutual events, and keep your profile high.

  4. Act as a Connector – Remember that every complaint is an opportunity for a referral. Hear someone complaining about tech issues? Is your colleague’s car breaking down? Both of these issues should trigger an introduction to someone who can provide value.

The next time you don’t get the job or the project, remember to build – not burn – bridges. Take the long-term view and view relationships as a commitment.

To your sizzling success!


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