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5 Ways to Communicate Brand Value in 2021

5 Ways to Communicate Brand Value in 2021

In this fierce economy, your brand must work hard to communicate value or else it fades into a sea of similarity. Here are 4 suggestions:

1. Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Whether it’s Instagram or LinkedIn, remember to show and share your thought leadership. Comment on the news (not politics), share insight, analysis, and recommendations.

2. Reward Current Customers

I hate the cliché of “under promise and overdeliver” for your clients. Look at it another way: what can you bonus to your clients? In the cosmetic world, it’s the “gift with purchase” phenomenon. I typically invite clients to my workshops for free, send written material (books, downloads), or offer extra time when it comes to coaching. Of course, gifts and treats work well too. 😊

3. Adjust Your Brand

If you haven’t changed your offerings, wording, or website since the start of the pandemic, seize the moment today! In some way, every single business has changed: a shift to remote work, new and different hours, or virtual offerings.

Key Questions to Ask About Your Rebrand:

Does the change offer long-term value?

Make sure this new brand is something that your company feels will be successful even after the pandemic.

Is this change something your customers want?

Have you queried your customers? Are you asking on social media? Are you following industry trends? Are you looking at data?

Did you miss the opportunity to rebrand?

We are just about a year into the pandemic and your competitors could have already rebranded, would it still be worth going through the rebrand yourself if the market is already saturated?

Analyze the answers to determine if a rebrand is in order.

4. Modernize Your Messages & Equipment

You must invest in digital marketing to effectively reach your target audience. There are a variety of tools, software, and equipment that will help improve your brand presence in the online world.

Some common tools to invest in include:


Ring lights, bigger screens, upgraded microphone, lighting accessories, external hard drive, etc. If costs are an issue consider a small business loan or PPP loan.


Social media scheduler, customer relationship software, email marketing platform, video editing software, and photo editing suite


Now might be the time to delegate tasks, add a virtual assistant, hire a coach or consultant.

5. Experiment and Test

Now is the perfect time for testing. Are you doing A/B tests? Are you trying different price points? I’m testing, for example, a new offering for writing acceptance speeches. Stay tuned…

If you need extra assistance visualizing exactly where your brand fits in today, feel free to schedule a consultation with me today. These are trying times and I’m here. 😊

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