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6 Savvy Strategies for Talking to the Media

It’s been a busy media month for me talking about the Kardashians, Miley, Charlie, RiRi, and Cher.  But, the question I get asked most often from my clients is: HOW DO I GET QUOTED BY THE MEDIA?

  1. Tie your blogs into the current news – The hot topic right now is the budget impasse. If you’re in any way related to the financial industry, you must spin this story into how it affects your target audience.  If you review any of my blogs in the archives, you’ll note that I consistently use this strategy.

  2. Speak and write in swift soundbites – Talking about the Robertson extended family of Duck Dynasty, I’m quoted as saying: “they are the modern-day Brady Bunch.” My quote about Mel Gibson’s diatribe after his DUI is: “He’s an equal opportunity offender.” What’s your soundbite?

  3. Tag your blogs extremely well so that they are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) – Reporters need sources and just like you, they use Google for the answers; make sure they can find you!

  4. Only write and comment in your area of expertise – Speak in your core competency and you remain the content expert. Have the courage to turn down interviews outside of your scope.

  5. Publicize your publicity – Media begets more media; you want to show TV producers that you are good in front of the camera.

  6. Have a TV outfit ready to go – Don’t have a suit for when you lose 10 lbs., have one that looks perfect today!

Please share your publicity secrets in the comments below!

PS: Want even more publicity ideas? I have a juicy and jam-packed CD on just this topic. It’s on special this month for just $24.95, but you must use this code: HALFOFF.

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