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6 Surprising Ways a Red Hot Brand Boosts Your Biz

Who needs a brand? You do!

I know, I know: you have a logo, website, and perhaps even a spanking new business card, but there is a huge difference between a name and a brand. Red hot brands bring you closer and quicker to your clients…and sales.

6 Wonderful Wows of Branding

Let me explain. If your name isn’t reaping you the following benefits, you don’t have a brand, but merely a business. Your brand should be earning you:

  1. Flawless Recall – Prospects must hear your name correctly the first time and every time; they need to jump from hearing about you to finding you in a nano second on Google. Hint: if your biz name sounds generic or similar to all of your competitors, you have a naming problem that is costing you business.

  2. Referral Business – Raving clients can’t wait to sing your praises and bring other clients into the chorus for you. Question: are you getting at least 4 referrals per month from your happy customers?

  3. Raving Fans – Wow your customers with an amazing brand experience and they’ll love you for life. Remember: branding out takes courage; you must put yourself out there differently than your competitors. If you don’t have naysayers, you don’t have a brand!

  4. Fierce Customer Loyalty – Similar to the old Tarenton cigarette commercials, your customers should want to fight rather than switch.

  5. Word Of Mouth Buzz – One of the surprising benefits of branding is that your clients talk about you behind your back – in a good way! Thanks to social media, your name is not only on everyone’s lips, but in their Facebook posts, Instagram accounts, and Twitter streams.

  6. Pricing Flexibility– If you are losing customers to cheaper on-line competitors, you haven’t earned iconic brand status. And, just as the “must have” iPhone 6 and Givenchy Rottweiler tote aren’t going on sale, either are you!

If you concluded that you merely have a name and not a brand, NOW is the time to create a sizzling brand with this checklist. Ask yourself, does it have a:

  1. Strong Emotional Connection?

  2. Authentic Personality?

  3. Distinctive DNA?

  4. Proprietary Vocabulary?

  5. Consistent Method Of Communication?

Challenge yourself to make this quarter the start of a strong brand building initiative that will keep earning you business.

Let me know your thoughts below. To your sizzling success!

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