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6 Twisted Things I’m Happy About

With the dog days of summer upon us, I’m brave enough to admit that there are 6 twisted things that are making me happy now:

  1. My Mayor is Not Anthony Weiner – Ok, San Diego has hit a low point with our mayor accused of 14 counts of harassment, but look at the bright side: at least I can say “Filner” without giggling. To Weiner, I simply say: Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Or, Danger, Carlos, Danger!

  2. Kids Are Back in School – Oh, thank goodness! Back to school, back to schedules, back to work!

  3. We Care About Hair – Thanks to Beyoncé and the sudden change to her visual brand, hair is back in the news; yeah! I guess that means I too have permission to make a drastic change. (Stay tuned…)

  4. The NHL Isn’t Striking – Yeah! A regular season starts October 1 serving up enough predictable fights and goals to make my son utterly happy and glued to the TV.

  5. The End of the World is Ending – Enough of Elysium, After Earth, and World War X, Y, and Z, etc. It’s time to say goodbye to bombs, blood, and boy movies and hello to highbrow, Oscar-worthy, completely uppity, and serious fare.

  6. Labor Day is Almost Here! – Meaning: it’s time for the US Open (“Go, Sloane Stephens, go!”), time to stop wearing white shoes (as if!), and time to focus on biz!

What are you happy about?  Let me know in the comments below.

PS: I promise to get back to work and more serious blogging next week!

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