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7 Secrets to Creating a Hot Personal and Visual Brand

Lauri Loesch

Wow! Lauri Loesch and I had so much fun identifying your brand and then creating a signature style. If you missed the seminar last week, I’m revealing a few morsels of the tasty nuggets we revealed.

  1. If you cannot be imitated, you are not a brand

  2. Every outfit should have just a pop of color

  3. Don’t forget to merge, purge, and splurge when it comes to your wardrobe

  4. You probably already know your best colors; it’s the most dominate color in your wardrobe!

  5. Don’t create “orphans” in your closet; shop to complete outfits, not events

Every new purchase must pass the litmus test: it must match at least 3 others items in your closet

  1. Dare to become a brand: some folks with love you and some folks will hate you

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