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7 Strategies for How to Be the Best Client

7 Strategies for How to Be the Best Client

How to be the best client

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the joy of working with amazing clients on improving their speaking and branding. These folks are my best clients. Why? I decided to take a deeper dive and discover why some of my clients are phenomenal and why some of them incur a PITA (Pain In the A**) tax.

7 Strategies for Becoming the Best Client

In today’s marketplace, we are all clients and customers. Here’s how to become the best client.

Show Appreciation

There is nothing that gets my heart singing faster than receiving a client e-mail that starts with “Wow! Thanks for your amazing help with…” I’m not looking for constant positive reinforcement, but if we, as service providers, knock it outta the park, please let us know. 😊

Pay Quickly

I believe paying your bill quickly demonstrates respect. Losing and overlooking invoices (yep, certain clients have a bad habit of “losing” my invoices) signals that we are a nuisance, not a value-added service.

Use the Sandwich Formula

As a writer of many bios and web copy, I know my first draft is awaiting your input. As a result, think about “sandwiching” the critical part so that you start the feedback session on a positive note. For example, I received a client email that didn’t even include a salutation; it just lit into me as to why the copy was “wrong.” And it was in CAPS! Constructive feedback is always welcome. Look for kind methods to ask for revisions.

Respect our Time

Since I don’t charge by the hour, I’m happy to take the time needed. However, be on time, show up on time, and let’s use the time wisely.

Recognize Personal Time & Space

Oh, what a year it was and continues to be. When my brother died, I didn’t work or check email for over a week. I did notify clients that I needed space, but also received this missive: “Oh, it’s been a few days so hoping you’re over it and back to work.” Really! Business is personal and personal life is part of business. We all need to recognize that life happens.

Listen to our Advice

It’s disheartening to get paid by clients not to listen to our recommendations. You’re paying for them! I know change is hard; it’s uncomfortable too. But stay the course.

Remain Coachable

If you have all of the answers, you don’t need us. If you’re looking for new results, you need new ideas.

How have you become a great client? What are your ideas? I’m all ears.


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