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8 Lessons You Can Learn from a New Brand Launch

8 Lessons You Can Learn from a New Brand Launch

As I revisited my business in early January, I discovered that I was generating more income from speaking inside of companies than speaking outside at conferences and associations. So, I decided to tweak my website to speak directly to hiring and training managers; pretty easy, right? No! It wasn’t.

In fact, “tweaking my brand” set me on a course of creating an entirely new brand and the accompanying pains that go with it. Below is my summary of lessons learned (or relearned) to act as guidance as your launch or revise your brand strategy.

  1. You can’t write one piece of copy to 2 distinctly different audiences – As I started to write home page copy, I quickly recognized that starting a sentence with “whether you want your employees to get ahead or you want to grow your business, or you want a new brand name, contact Liz.” This sentence is a recipe for disaster! Each audience needed its own carefully crafted compelling message.If your home page copy includes “whether you want to do this or that,” your message is probably unclear. Click To Tweet

  2. Different Targets Need Their Own Website – Although I contemplated a bifurcated site (ex: click here for corporate training and click here for coaching), the logical decision was to designate for speaking and for coaching and consulting. Big shout out of thanks to Catherine Oaks of Sliice Marketing.

  3. A New Brand Deserves Its Own Vocabulary – Whereas RedFire Branding shared what sizzled and fizzled or how to create a hot brand, I needed a new language for This step is READ MORE OVER AT MY BLOG often overlooked, but outlining it in advance ensures your brand copy hangs together. You’ll see words such as good and golden throughout the new site.

  1. You Can’t Simply Use the Same Blog in 2 Places – Google and its algorithmic SEO despises duplicate content…and punishes you for the privilege. Clearly then, I had to create a separate blog with its own target audience and message. I initially thought I’d call it The Brand Finale (a domain I already own) but concluded that all “branding” belongs to RedFire. The result? The Goodgold Standard: Raising the Bar for Training.

  2. New Brand = New Logo – Ugh! Every day I unearthed the truism that I had more work to do. (Thanks Juliet Ekinaka for the great work here!)

  3. And New Brand = New Business Card – Yes, another expense and the need to thoroughly examine how my brand is perceived. I opted to revise my mini-brochure tri-fold business card, but I often recommend a 2-sided card when you have 2 brands. (Woo hoo to Sandra Logan)If you have 2 brands, consider a 2-sided business card. Click To Tweet

7. Taglines Explain What Your Biz Name Doesn’t – Just like Tyson uses “We’re chicken,” I thought it appropriate to use a tagline to explain what Liz Goodgold does. The result? Transforming good employees into golden leaders

8. “Ethical Bribes” are Essential – Perhaps you’ve heard them called “lead magnets,” but essentially it’s the same: you give me your email address and I give you something of value. This exercise forced me to create a new ethical bribe and nurture campaign for Words of Lizdom: Personal Branding 101 – Your 5 Step Mini-Course for Creating a Red-Hot Brand. The Goodgold Standard sends recipients a Core Competency Checklist for leaders

In sum, a new brand takes a heck of a ton of work; every piece must be consistent, appropriate, and compelling. I also found creating the below chart a great help in developing my second brand. I urge you to create the same exercise to get clear. Of course, if you need extra assistance, I’m here! vs. A Tale of 2 BrandsBranding TargetEntrepreneurs and ExecutivesHR and Training Managers ImageryRed, hot, fireLiz with emphasis on gold color VocabularySizzle, fizzle, clever (words of Lizdom, vajones), red-hotGold Standard, Good as Gold, mining for talent, Good Goals Signature closingTo your sizzling success!To your golden future! 7-second hookGetting entrepreneurs to brand better and speak gooder to make more moneyTransforming your good employees into pure gold thru training; Liz trains your gold employees to turn them into golden leaders. Find out how her women’s and leadership programs boost your retention and profitabilityTaglineBrand Out, Stand Out, Cash In!Transforming good employees into golden leadersBlogWords of LizdomThe Goodgold Standard: Raising the Bar for Training Blog Topics– Personal Branding

– Corporate Branding

– Brand Naming

– Entrepreneurship

– Taglines/Slogans

– Motivation

– Marketing/Advertising

– Copywriting

– Public Speaking

– Women & Communication

– Emerging leadership issues

– Training Trends

Ethical BribeRed Hot Branding ChecklistHow to Speak Gooder for $.99 Nurture CampaignPersonal Branding 101 5-step Action Guide to Creating your personal brand (5 weeks)Core Competency Leadership Checklist

1. Speaking

2. Presence

3. Leadership

4. Communication

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