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Are They Happy? When HR Meets PB = Happy Employees

Are They Happy?

When HR Meets PB = Happy Employees— The Powerful Effect of Personal Branding on Employees

It’s time to stop the war between personal branding experts and human resource professionals. Too often, the HR department believes that if it develops the personal brand of their employees, they’ll leave to become entrepreneurs. This thinking is just plain wrong!

Most employees don’t want the pain, effort, and agony of starting and sustaining a business. As I often say: “doing the business is easy, getting the business is hard.” If you are not a natural marketer or born sales rep, it’s extremely hard work to become a successful entrepreneur.As an #entrepreneur, doing the business is easy, getting the business is hard. Click To Tweet

As I’ll argue today at Disrupt HR, the fastest route to strong corporate performance is engaged employees. And, the short cut to engaged employees is providing a forum for your team members to identify and share their personal brand.

The Top 10 Benefits of Personal Branding to Your Employees Your employees are craving a forum to share their personal brand; they want to share what they like, dislike, and what makes them happy. And, both of you garner the benefits.

Employees brand to:

  1. Boost satisfaction, self-esteem, and confidence

  2. Shift perception

  3. Differentiate themselves from colleagues

  4. Identify their career path at your company

  5. Justify a raise

  6. Garner respect and recognition

  7. Get promoted

  8. Prevent getting terminated

  9. Viewed as a leader

  10. Get Offered amazing opportunities

…And, when you understand your employees for who they are and are not simply focusing on boosting their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses, you leverage your happy employees to stay connected to you and your company.

What’s your experience? Please, share below!

To your sizzling success,


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