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Are you a Halloween Costume?

My Pilates teacher shared yesterday how he couldn’t wait to show up today for Halloween as Richard Simmons: short shorts, bandana, leg warmers, curly wig, and a sparkly T-shirt that proclaims: “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.” And then, it dawned on me: Richard Simmons is a brand. if you can be impersonated, you are a brand!

From Moses to Obama to Elvira to J-Lo to Gene Simmons, these are celebrities that can easily be impersonated. Can You? You can if you have a:

  1. Signature Color – Johnny Cash is the man in black – always.

  2. Trademark Outfit – Larry King has his suspenders and both J. Lo and Liz Hurley made headlines with their signature almost “not there” dresses.Forever unforgettable.

  3. Hair Style That Never Changes – The Donald’s comb-over makes him an easy target as does Crystal Gayle’s long, long tresses.

  4. A Body Part That Won’t Quit – Tina Turner is herself without showing off her legs, Dolly Parton has 2 admirable points, and Kim Kardashian has created more head whips from admirers looking at her walking away from them then toward them.

Need help with your visual brand? Come join me and Lauri Loesch on Wednesday, November 14 in San Diego from 8:30 – 1 as we help you identify and create your visual brand. More details here.

Share your photos at costumes with me over at my Facebook page.

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