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Are you carping the diem?

Make Every Day Count

In Loving Memory of My Mom

mom at the races
  1. Showed me the power of chutzpah by escaping New York with her 3 children (aged 6, 7, and 8) to start a new life

  2. Realized that she didn’t know what the future held, but it was better to take a leap of faith forward rather than to keep looking behind

  3. Attempted to start an acting career at age 50 because why not?

  4. Celebrated the accomplishments of others including her son’s rise at the LAPD, her daughter’s becoming a doctor (really!), and this humble one leaving a steady paycheck at Quaker Oats to take the entrepreneurial dive.

  5. Understood the power of friends

  6. Believed in the power of doing what you love regardless of the circumstances; my mom didn’t have much money so she volunteered as an usher so that theatre remained integral to her life

  7. Heaped love to her friends at the Temple, the Red Hat Society, Friends of the Pasadena Playhouse, and to her neighbors

  8. Volunteered at the library because reading and giving are important

mom and liz in palm springs

I miss you Mom.

I welcome thoughts in the comments below.

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