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Are you flirting with your prospects?

5 Questions To Determine If You’re Flirting Or Stalking

I remember working with a realtor at one of my networking talks and he told me that his fave opening line was: “Hi! I’m Dan; wanna buy a house?” It struck me as outrageous – too fast and too aggressive; it was as if he was trying to score on the first date!

I believe instead that you need to flirt with your prospects to earn their love, trust, and respect. A few key questions to ask:

  1. Do you have a “flirtation device” working on-line? Some folks call these downloads “ethical bribes,” but they are essentially a meaty and useful item for your prospects in exchange for their email that demonstrates your talent and expertise. Mine is entitled “99 Indispensable Lessons on Branding & Biz” which is available on every page. Look for a new bribe in early January.To convert #prospects into #clients, you need a “flirtation device.” What’s yours? Click To Tweet

  2. Are you flirting or stalking? It’s good to follow up, but calling or emailing too frequently turns the relationship sour. Know when to walk away.When it comes to #selling, do you want a 1-night stand or a long term relationship? Click To Tweet

  3. Do you want a one-night stand or a long-term relationship? If you just want the quick sale, go ahead and push for the “yes” as fast as possible. In my opinion, you sacrifice short term sales for long term loss. For example, I recently signed up for a free email template, but then was bombarded with emails basically telling me I was a fool for not purchasing his $7 upsell. In fact, I received the exact same email 3 times over 3 days! I didn’t want that product and he never offered up any other programs or services so I opted out. He clearly was going for the quick cash.

  4. Do you know your sales cycle? Of course lower priced items sell faster and easier than a $15,000 coaching project! But, do you know how long your cycle is? Have you documented how many touches it takes to convert a prospect into a client? If not, start documenting now.#Entrepreneurs must create screeners to distinguish between #browsers and #buyers Click To Tweet

  5. Do you have a screener questionnaire? – Every entrepreneur should have a screener questionnaire so that you distinguish between browsers and buyers. Even in John Grishman’s new book Rogue, his character asks the right questions to determine if the prospect is worthy of being a client. Note to self: create your screener today!

Wishing you a red hot holiday season!


PS: What did I miss? Share below.

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