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Are you insulting me?

Are you insulting me?

Why Insulting Your Prospects Doesn’t Lead to Clients

I’m a little annoyed lately.

I went to get a blow dry and the hairdresser pointed out the many shades of red in my hair; OK that’s true. She then went on to share how she didn’t like my style, how the bangs didn’t work, and I probably shouldn’t even take the stage to speak with my hair in such a state! Of course, her not-so-subtle goal was for me to abandon my current hair “gal” and embrace her.

Later that day, I got a slew of emails insulting my web site: it’s not optimized, it’s too slow, too many graphics, and too tough to find on Google. Really? You found me!

Again, the premise appears to be that if I insult you and tell you what’s wrong, I then hire you to fix it, right? Does this strategy work for anybody?Getting someone to change is like the lightbulb joke: the lightbulb must WANT TO change! Click To Tweet

Prospects must self-identity; they must recognize their shortcoming and want to transform. It’s like the lightbulb joke: the lightbulb must WANT TO change!

I hear many speakers who I believe could benefit from my coaching. Do I go up to them and shout: you could be so much better if only you hired me? No!

You must get your prospects to self-identify – to raise their hands and say, “YES! I want what you’re offering.”

The same principle is in effect during my workshops; I don’t’ call on folks who don’t want to take center stage. Further, I ask if audience members want feedback before I offer advice.

SO, here’s my question: do you want input into your branding efforts? If so, raise your hand and drop me an email. OR, share your story below.

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