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Are you Selling Up or Selling Out?

Are you Selling Up or Selling Out?

I understand about the benefits of sponsorship, but there is a difference between sponsorship selling and selling out. Let me be clear: I’m tired of hearing about Ryan Lochte!

We know he was wrong; we know he lied and now we know that his unethical behavior has landed him as a sponsor for Pine Bros cough drops with the tagline: “forgiving on your throat.” His sponsorship makes me choke!

Is there any part of Jennifer Aniston that isn’t for sale?

Jennifer Aniston Cost
  1. Eyes – Under the guise of helping others with the trauma she suffered with dry eyes before a premiere, she’s now hawking Shire’s My Eye Love. Her “suffering” enabled rampant PR in the last 4 days. (Trust me: Google this one!)

  2. Skin – Of course, Aveeno is the secret to her gorgeous skin, right? It couldn’t be high-priced facials, injectables, or surgery, could it?At what point are #celebrities selling up vs. selling out? Click To Tweet

  3. Hair – Apparently finding good hair products is so difficult that she had no choice but to team with Living Proof and create her own.

  4. Water – Ahhhh! The joys of bottled water and its contribution to our environment. Thanks, Jennifer, for enlightening us about the benefits of SmartWater.

  5. Smell – Can’t get close to your secret favorite Rachel? How about smell like her! You can with her Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum.

BUT, this Jennifer is not alone. Jennifer Lopez is paid by Coty Fragrances, Kohl’s, Viva Movil, Fuse, and L’Oréal Paris.

Shaquille O’Neal seems to never have found an offer he can’t refuse! He has over 50 endorsement deals from Quick Sticks to 24 Hour Fitness to Soda Shaq.Do product endorsements work when you have more than 50 @SHAQ? Click To Tweet

At what point do we stop believing? Too many endorsements from the same celebrity dilute their believability.

I believe Kirstie Alley, for example. I see her weight problem, I see her struggle, and I see her success. Her deal with Jenny Craig remains true.

Ok, off my soap box. What do you think? Let me know in comments below.

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