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Become a Powerhouse Speaker: Insider Secrets to Perfect Your Presentation & Explode Your Profit

Become a Powerhouse Speaker: Insider Secrets to Perfect Your Presentation & Explode Your Profits

With Liz Goodgold and Milo Shapiro If you’re ready to step on stage and into the spotlight as a speaker, we’ve got the goods to get you there. With the dynamic duo of Liz Goodgold (aka Red Fire Branding Queen) and speaking coach Milo Shapiro (aka The Improv Guy), we’ll share how to pack the house, pump up your audience, and profit – all at the same time!

Seize your chance to attend this special National Speaker’s Association double-shot of energy. In just one-day, you’ll get step-by-step guidelines on crafting your talk, telling amazing stories, and engaging the audiences PLUS all the behind-the-scenes marketing that turns a speech into a never-ending revenue stream.

Insider Secrets on Running Your Speaking Biz As a Biz

From Liz, you get to hear the truth vs. the fiction of running a successful speaking biz.  She’ll dish all the dirt so that you discover how to:

  1. Write compelling titles that puts “butts in seats”

  2. Avoid the one word that prevents prospects from registering

  3. Behind-the-scene truths about “free speeches,” getting paid, and taking credit cards

  4. Intersperse the 52 “magic” words that get attendees to buy

  5. Ring up sales in the back of the room even if you’ve been told you can’t

  6. Master the “10 Commandments of Speaking” so that you have a repeatable model that works

So now that you know how to get them there and sell afterward, what about the “meat”…your presentation?

10 Ways to Get All “A’s” and No “Zzzzzz’s” at Your Presentation

In Milo’s presentation on public speaking skills, the audience enjoys a well-rounded, interactive program on key points from his book “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” With his playful, story-filled approach, Milo will cover these topics and more:

  1. Capturing the power of story to make a point more strongly than lecture

  2. Setting the stage with your body to help people envision the details

  3. Creating logical flow with the Four Stages to Successful Speech Structure™

  4. Maintaining attention with the Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™

  5. Eliminating common ways that we can alienate or distract our audiences

  6. Taking control of Q&A time

Milo ties it all together in a program with so much fun and so many aha’s that you won’t even mind learning!

In Milo’s trademark fashion, this presentation includes times when, time permitting, attendees will play out a few exercises – giving them a chance to put some of the ideas into action before they ever leave the room.

REGISTER NOW!Date:Wednesday, July 25, 2012Time:9:30 AM to 12:30 PMLocation:NTC Command Center at Liberty Station

2640 Historic Decatur

San Diego CA 92106


This program is a special subset of a full-day program that Liz and Milo will be offering on August 8, 2012.  They are currently only offering this subset program to NSA members and guests.

The San Diego Chapter of the National Speakers Association is the critical organization for experts who speak professionally. Our objective is to facilitate community and education in a local setting for our National Members.

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