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Branding, Baby, Branding: Lucky Ideas to Steal from Las Vegas

Vegas is the brand master. Every detail is meticulously planned to produce a world-class experience. Take a look and see what you can do to change your branding:

  1. Branded Dress Code – Fishnets and leather miniskirts are de rigueur at Hard Rock while Caesar’s pays homage to the gods with its Roman outfits for cocktail waitresses. My heart goes out to the poor souls over at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill who are forced to wear what looks like prison garb.

  2. Designer Details – Open up the doors at Luxor by pulling on the pyramid handles or do the same over at the Orleans with its alligator handles or simply push the guitars over at Hard Rock and you’ll see branded themes at its best.

  1. Scent – With only 2% of marketing messages delivered via smell, employing one leap frogs you over your competitors and creates an indelible imprint. Virtually all of the casinos employ a signature scent. And, even on board Delta, United, or Air Canada, there’s a trademarked scent in the cabin.

  2. Signature Greetings – Of course it’s easy to say “bonjour” at Paris or “benvenuto” at the Venetian, but the smart ones also parlay it over to the rewards clubs with names like “grazie” keeping the vocabulary intact.

  1. Sounds – over the cacophony of slot machines, a few select casinos remember that that music also elicits emotion and desire. If the Jersey Boys are playing at the arena, they’re playing in the elevator. If the vibe is hip at The Palms, it’s hip over the sound system. What’s the sound of your office?

  2. Point of Difference – Given that every room is a suite, the staff at the Palazzo are trained to never utter “hotel room.” Instead, it’s always “your suite is ready.” Love it!

What can you do to boost the brand experience? Share in the comments below.

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