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Branding for the Introvert: 5 Techniques to Boost Your Credibility

There’s a common misperception out there that branding is only for the big, the bold, and the extroverts. I know, you’re thinking that you must morph into me and:

  1. Attend a required number of “booze and schmooze” events

  2. Circulate at “see and be seen” meetings

  3. Adore giving talks and being the center of attention

BUT, you don’t! Thought-leaders, experts, and even some celebrities choose to remain visibly unrecognizable. After all, what does Sia really look like behind that blonde hair? And, would you recognize the 2 unmasked men of Daft Punk? Introverts rejoice because you can boost your credibility while remaining behind-the-scenes with these tactics.

  1. Let your Fingers do the Talking –Open up new doors of credibility by creating meaty blogs, posts, and updates. You can take your time, write, edit, revise, and even edit again to ensure you like your message.Yes! #Introverts can #brand without saying a word. Click To Tweet

  2. Become an On–line Connector – Who says you have to network at events? LinkedIn has your name on it!

  3. Allow the Media to Become Your Mouthpiece – Our 24/7 news cycle depends upon new and fresh content. Feed your news story to a producer without ever having to go in front of the camera.

  4. Create a Soundbite in Advance – You know those uncomfortable minutes waiting for the elevator or a meeting to start and you don’t know what to say? Create one – NOW! Pick a non-controversial topic (no Donald Trump, please) and let the conversation begin.

  1. Meet & Mingle With One Person at a Time – Want to understand your office colleagues better? How ‘bout a strategy of one coffee or lunch meeting per week with a new person? Quiet, intimate settings often work better than big events for introverts.

Want more sizzling strategies for branding as an introvert? Take a look at this hot new program for employees and email me with questions or comments.

What do you do as an introvert? Share in the comments below.

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