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Branding Lessons from Chick Lit? You Betcha!

Sophia Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life Lends Insight into Branding Better

I am a raving fan of Sophia Kinsella. This book is not only an enjoyable romp through one character’s eyes but a social commentary on how workplaces often bring out the worst….and eventually the best in all of us.

It also struck a chord not only because she works at a branding agency (just like me!), but because it resonates with branding lessons:#brandinglessons @KinsellaSophie Click To Tweet

1. First Impressions Matter – Katie, our lead character, sees her boss’s life as perfect: perfect clothes, hair, home, and children. Of course, this image is a façade, but it reinforces the unfortunate truth that snap decisions about us whether we like it or not.First Impressions Matter - whether we like it or not. #personalbranding #chicklit Click To Tweet

2. Story Telling in Branding is Paramount – When faced with the task of how to promote her parent’s farm, Katie starts the narrative. She names the cows, chickens, and horses so that visitors engage. She paints the picture in the minds of her prospects so that they can’t wait to visit.storytelling in #branding is paramount; start with a narrative, paint the picture...#personalbranding #chicklit Click To Tweet

3. Don’t Forget the Sense of Touch – We get so few marketing messages via touch, that it matters more than ever. Use a killer-good paper stock or unique texture on a business card. Her character spends time on finding just the right paper.

4. Typeface Counts Too – Just because your Word doc defaults to Arial doesn’t mean it should be your font too. Red hot brands use distinctive fonts and religiously adhere to logo standards.

5. Present the Real You – Every time you try to become someone you’re not, you’ll fail. Of course, our character finally decides to embrace her true self – real name, curly hair, no glasses, farm accent, and loving parents. She is what she is. After all, the true goal of personal branding is to accept and present the real you.Present the Real You! Every time you try to become someone you're not, you'll fail. #personalbranding #chicklit Click To Tweet

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