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Can I Pick Your Brain?

Many entrepreneurs struggle when they get asked, “Hey, can I pick your brain?”

In a recent TV episode of The Good Wife, here’ s how actress Julianna Margulies handles the situation of free advice: She provides about 3 minutes of value and then proclaims: “consultation over. Am I hired?”

3 Ways to Deal With “Can I Pick Your Brain?

  1. Create Short, Timed Appointments – If a prospect is thinking about hiring you, it’s perfectly great to have a 15-minute “Brand Better” free session. BUT, after 15 minutes, the time is up: either you’re hired or not.

  2. Develop An Entry-Level Way to Work With You – When I first offered coaching, the first session was $99 – no other commitment. It enabled an easy and affordable trial option.

  3. Offer a Pick Your Brain Fee – Even if you currently don’t offer a consultation session, offer it and sell it! It’s a great way to charge for your expertise and allow you to share your brilliance with needy clients.

Have other ideas? Please share with me in the comments below.

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