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Can you brand with a spoon?

Make Sure You Are Creating a Brand Experience

In today’s sea of similarity, it’s hard to stand out.  But, savvy marketers are focusing on the total experience of the brand.

I walked into a Tutti Frutti, for example, and my favorite part of the visit was picking the color of my spoon: yellow, green, red, or orange.  It was the proverbial cherry on top of my frozen yogurt! By contrast, Baskin-Robbins’ pink spoons remind us of the opportunity to taste before we buy. Even thinking about the tiny spoon makes me smile (and salivate).

SO, how can you create an indelible experience?

  1. What can you add to your offerings?

  2. What are the little things you can add that make a big impact?

  3. Can you add a sweet with every invoice to soften the blow?

  4. Can you fulfill an order for 200 and intentionally deliver 210 just because?

  5. Can you unexpectedly surprise and delight your clients?

What are you doing?  Please share in the comments below!

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