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Can You Network Your Way to a New Client or Job During the Holidays?

With Thanksgiving this Thursday (yikes!), here’s your chance to kick your business networking into high gear. It could easily land you a new client or even a new job! Why?

  1. There are seemingly endless events. Make a plan to attend one new association event.

  2. Holiday cheer makes attendees feel more relaxed, social, and even inclined to “pay it forward” by helping colleagues. What’s your plan to help someone else?

  3. Initial contacts can easily lead to informational meetings as professionals tend to have more time on their calendar for lingering lunches or coffee. Time to bulk up your calendar with meetings!

  4. Less ambitious competitors have given up on working giving you the opportunity to seize mindshare. Yep, your networking can pay off if you remember to give before receiving and work on your follow up!

  5. New job openings or projects may have been budgeted for the new year, but not staffed giving you the early heads up. The early bird catches the worm and the work!

What’s your holiday networking plan?  

I welcome your comments.

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