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Can You Sell Like a Sell-Ebrity?

Have you seen the Martin Scorsese iPhone ads? Or those with Zooey Deschanel or even Ellen DeGeneres? They are all enjoyable and even entertaining. How can that be?

  1. They are true to their DNA – Marty is like a nebbish in the backseat; he is trying so hard to control everything that even Siri makes a sly remark. The ad is funny – really funny. View the ad below.

  2. They don’t’ talk to the camera – Entrepreneurs listen up: Stop selling your features and start showing the benefits of using your services or products. It’s analogous to telling folks you are funny; just make them laugh!

  3. They are believable – Yep! I see all of these celebrities using an IPhone proudly. Do I really believe Julianne Moore wears Talbots? Or that Kate Hudson grabs her outfit from Ann Taylor? Not for a minute!

Most celebrity advertising falls flat. However, if you are like me, getting a Lady Gaga endorsement is out of the question anyway. But, I can use celebrity-status in different ways:

Testimonials – Thanks to Ali Brown for her ringing endorsement of my Red Fire Branding book: Liz’s new book is a super step-by-step guide on how to make your brand buzzworthy. Using the product – There are (read the rest over at my blog) all sorts of ways to get your product into the hands of celebrities from goody bags to connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out, send a product in, write a note to the editor, etc.

Luck – Sometimes, you wake up and the gods are smiling as in the case of H&M. Kate Bosworth throws on your $14.95 dress and you reap the benefits and the through-the-roof sales!

What star-studded ads do you love or hate? I want to hear!

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