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Can you win a grand slam?

Believing Is The First Step In Winning

Whether you play the game of tennis or not, you should waltz onto a court or boardroom, believing you can win!

If you’ve been watching the Australian Open, then you know that there have been many upsets, but there’s also been a ton of “almosts.” These are the players who were initially up, but then spiraled down eventually losing the match.

Why? Because they lost confidence! Daria Gavrilova was on the verge of another victory over a seeded player when she got tense and lost the match. Or look at Novak Djokovic who made 100 unforced errors, but still prevailed against Gilles Simon because his opponent got nervous.

Let me ask you: are you scared?

Of course you are! If you’re trying to close the biggest piece of business of your career, than I bet you’re shaking; if you walk into a board room proposing a new idea, then you should be cautious. I still get anxious before a speech, but then I shake it off and know I can deliver.

But, here’s the thing: you must believe. Hold your feelings and guts in check and commit completely to winning. Don’t stop doing what got you there.

Confidence begets success; walk boldly and strongly believing you can win. If you know you’ve prepared, if you’re practiced enough, then go out and ace it!

What’s your point of view? Let me know below.

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