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Check Your Ego at The Door

Customer Service Tips

Check Your Ego at the Door: Be Of Service to Clients, Customers & Employers

Welcome to our world! (Note that I didn’t say my least fave phrase, “the new normal.”)

This is a world of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. It’s a place where every business owner is fearful of making decisions too quickly or spending money recklessly. It’s a time when executives are playing a wild game of dominoes waiting to place their order once a prospect converts into a client. In short, we are playing an antsy game of waiting.

And, if you’re caught in the middle as an employee or entrepreneur, it’s time to step up and do what’s necessary. Any sales representative today must recognize that they may not close the business today, but they better be cultivating the relationship so they can close later. It’s time to be of service NOW for your clients, customers, and employers.

5 Ways to Be of Service

1) Eliminate A “That’s Not My Job” Mentality

Today, it’s a “do what it takes” attitude. If it’s your turn to do extra cleaning at the office, do it! If your colleague is struggling with her PowerPoint, offer to help.

2) Go the Extra Mile

If your client wants a proposal by Friday, deliver it 3 days early. If they want 25 taglines, deliver 50!

3) Discover Unmet Needs

No, I’m not talking sales. A good mantra is every complaint is an opportunity for a referral. If your client is complaining about his car, introduce him to your Mercedes dealer. If your client needs a dentist, make a referral. And, remember to keep asking: how can I help you today? Who can I introduce you to?

4) Relax the Rules

This is not the time to enforce all of your rules or contracts. You might, for example, offer a COVID discounted rate for a short term. Or, your contract might have ended with a client, but they still have questions. Answer them and be of service. Do the right thing.

5) Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

As a branding expert, it’s unusual for me to say this, but you might have to do weird jobs, outside jobs, or lower-level jobs. It’s OK. Keeping the lights on for you, your clients, or employer is the way to keep our economy going.

What are you doing? How are you servicing your clients? I’m all ears.

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