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Color as a branding tool: 5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Color

At the recent Hot August Nights event showcasing vintage cars, I spied this couple photographed above: they matched their car! This bold step is perfect color branding. It alerts potential buyers and browsers that they are the point of contact.

How can you make color work for you?

Consider these facts: We notice color within the first 3 seconds and 55% of first impressions are based upon appearance. So, it just might make sense to embrace a color strategy.

  1. Deploy Consistently – Don’t change your logo, your envelope color, or even your signature wardrobe color willy-nilly. If your colors are red and black, stick with it! Even though the Starbucks logo has morphed, it’s remained with the forest green color.

  2. Be Bold – Golf-club maker TaylorMade credits painting its R11drivers white as the key to boosting its market share to 8%. What can you do?

  3. Look at the Psychology of Color – Color communicates emotion. Red and orange are high energy, frenetic colors which is why they adorn virtually every fast feeder from Taco Bell to Wendy’s to McDonald’s. If you’re looking to instill a calming feeling, head over to the soothing world of blue. BTW, red and brown houses are the least likely to sell.

  4. Consider Utility – Although brown is not my fave color, it works for the UPS guys and gals who are schlepping packages. White shirts certainly wouldn’t work.

  5. Review Your Competitors – If all of the competitors in your space are projecting the same colors, it’s time to shake up the market and stand out. When it comes to bottled water, for example, it’s an ocean of blue from Dasani to Aquafina. But, then there’s Evian – a dose of pink and it stands out!

The Psychology of Color

How are you branding by color?  Please share your stories below.

Wishing you sizzling success!


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