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Converting Your Name into a Brand

Converting Your Name into a Brand

5 Fab Ways to Build Flawless Recall

I wish my family were brand names. I just think launching a clothing line with the last name of Trump, McCarthy, or Wynn gives you a leg up.

Or, how about launching a modeling career and your mom is Iman, Christie Brinkley, or Jerry Hall?

AND, why couldn’t I have been born into the Zuckerberg family? Randi and Cheryl seem to have secured solid positions for life.It’s harder to launch a #brand when your name isn’t #Trump, Wynn, McCarthy or #Zuckerberg Click To Tweet

5 Techniques to Boost Your Brand

It isn’t fair! Or as my mom used to say, “get used to it!” But if you don’t have a famous family, here’s 5 techniques you can use to boost your brand recall.

  1. Blog with a Strategy – Blogs should be strategically focused on your area of expertise. Most importantly, know what you will NEVER blog about. (For example: I’d really like to enter the fray and discuss foreign policy, but it’s not my area so I must refrain.)

  2. Ruthlessly Self-Promote in the Media – It’s easier than you think to get PR. We can all guess what the media will be talking about during certain months of the year:

  1. July – what to do with your kids in the summer, summer recipes, etc.

  2. August: back to school fashion and organization, how to work when all of your colleagues are on vacation, boosting productivity when it’s hot, etc.

  3. September – Pumping up business in the last quarter of the year, how to adopt a back-to-work mentality, etc.

You just need to tie your business into what the media will be talking about anyway! Contact me for referrals to brilliant publicists or on how to create sexy soundbites for the media.

  1. Alternate Between Evergreen and Timely Topics – Whether you are speaking or writing, make sure to create a killer combo of topics that never go out of style (evergreen) with “ripped from the headlines” news. This strategy is what landed me 2 on TV shows.Don’t forget to mix up your #blog with evergreen + timely topics Click To Tweet

  2. Fine Tune Your SEO – I recommend that once you’re crystal clear on your focus for your website ensure that your SEO has also been pin-pointed. Blogging about leadership, for instance, when your expertise is human resources, is clearly relevant. However, it doesn’t help your SEO rankings if your goal is to be known as the “HR expert.” This is a case where even a little investment of time and money is worth it.It’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond to build your #brand Click To Tweet

  3. Nuzzle Up to 1 Industry – It’s easier to become a big fish in a small pond that to try to look like a whale in an ocean of competitors. Review your current and past clients and determine which ones truly benefit from your expertise. Narrow your scope to broaden your recall.

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