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Enough with the Assumptions. It’s Time to Ask Questions!

Sorry, I just assumed….Enough with the Assumptions.   It’s Time to Ask Questions!

Do you remember that classic scene in Pretty Woman whereby Julia Roberts show up at the spendy Beverly Hills boutique dressed as a hooker and the woman won’t help her? She assumes she has no money, right? Of course, she comes back dressed as a lady and exclaims “mistake, big mistake.”

And, here’s the issue: I think we are all sometimes guilty of making erroneous assumptions. We size up our prospect’s bank accounts and assume they can’t afford us. Or, we believe a company won’t investment that much money in training. Or, we don’t even ask for the sale because we just assume it won’t work. STOP!Stop #assuming and start asking when it comes to #sales Click To Tweet

There is no selling if there are no questions. ASK your prospects their pain; ask them their budget, ask them if your solution meets their needs.

If you have presented your opportunity well, prospects will extend their budgets or borrow the funds to make it work. Remember: who are you to control their bank account?

Over the years I’ve learned that everyone determines her own save/splurge scenario. I might invest in technology (or wine!), but refuse to pay big bucks for shoes.Don’t assume prospects can’t afford you; who are you to control their bank account? Click To Tweet

Here’s the bottom line: stop assuming. Keep telling yourself that mantra and let’s see the surprising results.

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