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Enough with the F/U! (Follow Up)

Stop “Just Following up” and Add Value!

In case you missed it, I’m moving up to Orange County, California. As I check into new groups, offices, and work spaces, I get a ton of return phone calls and emails with this message: “following up”.

UGH! Please make it stop!

Starting a phone call with “I’m just following up…” or “I’m just checking in…” is another way of saying “I should be doing something to get your business, but I don’t know what, so I’ll just call you to see if you’re ready to sign.”

Avoid sending #emails with the subject line of “following up” Click To Tweet6 Red Hot Alternatives to the Dreaded Follow-Up

Instead of “checking in” with me, move the relationship along by using one of these techniques.

  1. Ask a Question – A subject line in an email message often deserves…and gets an answer!

Give advice instead of simply “checking in” with prospects Click To Tweet

  1. Provide a Testimonial – Perhaps your prospect is still on the fence, this email therefore might help them make a decision.

  2. Extend an Invitation – Are you speaking soon? Hosting a webinar? Delivering a paper? If so, invite your prospects to join you as a guest.

  3. Forward Valuable Information – I don’t automatically add people to this Words of Lizdom blog; so if I’m writing about a topic relevant to a prospect, I’ll forward it along.

Invite prospects to join you at events vs. “following up” Click To Tweet

  1. Give Advice – Perhaps your prospect is still working out their pricing strategy, make a recommendation about how they could solve it.

  2. Send a Worthy News Article – Even in our over-shared world, a few articles fall through the cracks. Send it on over!

Please share your comments and how you follow up in the comments below.

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