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Enough with the F/U! (Follow Up)

Stop “Just Following up” and Add Value!

In case you missed it, I’m moving up to Orange County, California. As I check into new groups, offices, and work spaces, I get a ton of return phone calls and emails with this message: “following up”.

UGH! Please make it stop!

Starting a phone call with “I’m just following up…” or “I’m just checking in…” is another way of saying “I should be doing something to get your business, but I don’t know what, so I’ll just call you to see if you’re ready to sign.”

Instead of “checking in” with me, move the relationship along by using one of these techniques.

  1. Ask a Question – A subject line in an email message often deserves…and gets an answer!

  1. Provide a Testimonial – Perhaps your prospect is still on the fence, this email therefore might help them make a decision.

  2. Extend an Invitation – Are you speaking soon? Hosting a webinar? Delivering a paper? If so, invite your prospects to join you as a guest.

  3. Forward Valuable Information – I don’t automatically add people to this Words of Lizdom blog; so if I’m writing about a topic relevant to a prospect, I’ll forward it along.

  1. Give Advice – Perhaps your prospect is still working out their pricing strategy, make a recommendation about how they could solve it.

  2. Send a Worthy News Article – Even in our over-shared world, a few articles fall through the cracks. Send it on over!

Please share your comments and how you follow up in the comments below.

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