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Every person isn’t your target!

4 Keys to a Successful Mindset

I was at a networking event and heard this introduction: “I’m a chiropractor and my ideal client is anyone with a spine.” No! It’s not!

I urge you to take the branding plunge… and the branding pledge to serve one market exceptionally well. Here are 4 keys to branding mindset:

  1. Branding Takes Courage – You must boldly announce to the world who your target and who it isn’t. Your brand should either attract or repel the right people.

  2. You Will Lose Sales – Get used to it – not everyone will like you, but raving fans will love you and become your champions spreading the word. Newport cigarettes carved out a nice niche for menthol smokers, but then decided it was losing sales to non-menthol smokers. Voila! Newport Red was born and I assure you, it will quickly die.

  3. The More Specialized Your Message, The Better Your Profits – I will gladly pay more for an oncologist than a generalist, I will shell out for Gucci loafers (really!), and recognize that Chanel is not going on sale in my lifetime. These brands earn the recognition and reap the rewards in their price points.

  4. You Betta Remain Consistent – I want you to look the same tomorrow as you do today; I want you to speak the same, and most importantly, I want you to act the same too. Erratic behavior is the sign of a confused brand. (Please see Miley Cyrus or Mel Gibson for examples).

Please share your branding mindset success in the comments below.

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