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Got a Question?

Got a Question?

7 Hot Ways to Answer Questions with Finesse

Questions aren’t the usual downfall to a fabulous presentation; it’s the answers! I’ve seen so many of my clients trip up in this area that I’m sharing how to navigate this minefield with finesse.

1. Never take questions at the very end of your program – Taking questions at the end zaps the energy out of the room. And, as often happens, if there is only one weak question, your audience is left with the impression that there was no interest. It’s not that there wasn’t interest; it’s that there just weren’t interesting questions!Never answer #questions at the end of your talk. It zaps the energy out of the room & ends speech on a low note Click To Tweet

2. Repeat the Question – This tactic isn’t stalling; it’s instilling understanding for your audience. Most of the time, a question from the audience isn’t understood correctly. By repeating it, you clarify the question, and allow everyone to appreciate the answer. In our YouTube world, repeating the question also allows for the question to be heard on the video or audio of recording of your talk. It’s OK to not know the answer to all of the questions. It’s OK to find the answer later Click To Tweet

3. Never Remark “Great Question” – Ugh! I hate to hear this type of response as it just reeks of stalling and kissing up. Also a void “glad you asked” and other faux compliments; just answer the question matter-of-factly and move on!

4. Keep Your Answers Short – Many individuals ask questions to make themselves look good and to grab the limelight; keeping your answers short keeps the momentum going.

5. It May be Out of the Scope – I often get asked if I can create a tagline for an audience member. I laugh it off, but say something like “Of course, I can help, and I charge for that service. Please see me after so I can finalize the contractual details with you”.

6. Invite the Asker to See You Privately – If the question is complicated, don’t think twice about inviting them to see you afterwards. It’s a great compromise solution.

7. Answer Questions with Respect – This is not the time to say, “as I mentioned…” This phrase insults the audience who obviously didn’t hear or understand you. Simply answer in a straightforward manner.

What did I miss? Please share your story in comments below.

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