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Has Co-Branding Gone Too Far?

Raid currently isn’t blended with bleach, but it begs the question if co-branding has gone a little nuts. Of course, co-branding means using another brand to boost the power of yours. Is it working? Does it influence your purchase decision if:

  1. Pillsbury Grands are made with Cinnabon cinnamon?

  2. Betty Crocker Brownies have real Hershey’s chocolate?

  3. Dawn dish detergent is now called Dawn Hand Renewal and blended with Olay Beauty cream?

How to Make it Work for You:

  1. If you want to market like a consumer product, you too can harness the co-branding power by:

  2. Partnering with a Big Name Speaker – If you are on tour with Ken Blanchard (I just love his message!), tell the world. His reputation will boost your reputation. Count on it!

  3. Advertising Your Client List – If you have household name clients, make sure to create a compelling client list. (Of course, attorneys reading this email will advise you to get their approval in advance…)

  4. Publicize your Media Appearances – You’ve been on CNN? Wow! On Oprah? Yippee!

Your ideas? I want to hear! I welcome your comments.

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